Narrow the focus
to build the brand.

At Wasabi Creative, we catalyse fresh marketing strategies with our Brand Focus Workshops; bringing key contributors (marketing, sales, manufacturing, accountants, and even clients) together to collaborate over branding and brand positioning.

Brand Focus Benefits

Focused Branding, Higher Profits

If we can reason a compelling, more unique brand position for our clients, then we can build a far stronger brand; and that’s where premium pricing, loyal consumers and higher profits exist, whatever your industry.

The Branding Challenge

Does your Brand need Focusing?

Can you sum up your brand story within 6 words?
Would your colleagues all agree? Might your competitor say the same?
To focus your branding and marketing strategies, read on…

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DIY Brand Focus Workbook

For a no-risk price you can download the Do-it-yourself Brand Focus Workbook and conduct your own workshop with your team.

The workbook includes full screen presentation slides in Powerpoint and PDF formats so you can edit and tailor a workshop to support your specific needs, audience and presentation style.

The download also includes notes and instructions for each phase of the Workshop to help guide you through a day-long session. And we’ve included handy report templates that you can use to summarise your branding and marketing strategies and define your brand essence.

The Guided Brand Focus Workshop

A Brand Focus Workshop is conducted over a day-long session, guided by a experienced Branding Facilitator. A guided brand workshop can include brainstorming, break-out groups, SWOT analysis, brand strategy issue listing and voting, and discussion and application of our brand marketing theories – your Branding Facilitator will use a range of techniques tailored to the direction the brand workshop takes.

Workshops are usually conducted at a client’s offices or can be arranged for an away-site for fresh, uninterrupted thinking. Inclusion of a Brand Focus Workshop at a conference can be a great catalyst for brand strategy inspiration.

The Workshops are designed to gain complete brand positioning consensus among your organisation’s management team and marketing leaders.

What you get…

  Pre-workshop Discussion » Day-long Guided Workshop » Draft Findings Report » Brand Focus Summary Report »
Who Attends: Key Management, Workshop Sponsor, Facilitator 5-10 key brand stakeholders including company leaders Key Management, Workshop Sponsor, Facilitator Key Management, Workshop Sponsor, Facilitator
What are the outputs: Meeting in-person or by-phone working through a parameters questionnaire A day-long facilitated workshop guided by a slide presentation brainstorming and group activities Report in-person or by-phone focused on fine-tuning key workshop brand strategy findings A white-board style report summarising brand positioning and branding direction

The Degrees of Focus© Model

At the core of the Brand Focus philosophies is our Degrees of Focus model. In fact, the workshop structure is modelled to take participants through its elements; applying the brand positioning theories to unearth an effectual brand essence – layer by layer.

The branding model demands exploration of a product's features and benefits as the building blocks to enriching the desired consumers brand experience.

Permanent brand perception shifts are achieved when an organisation’s culture underpins the product's or service's desired brand essence.

Achievement of higher levels of focus are rewarded by stronger emotional connections from the targeted audience, ultimately leading to increased sales, stronger loyalty and more brand differentiation from the competition.

Brand Focus Outcomes

When you completed a Brand Focus Workshop you can be more assured the brand has chosen the most powerful benefits to own and that it has developed the proof points and “reasons to believe” for those benefits.

So what can be achieved…

  • Discovery of a brand’s essence for the chosen company entity or specific product.
  • Top-line marketing direction; brand strategies for distribution, promotion, pricing, advertising, and public relations.
  • Prioritisation of key brand issues and an agreed action plan to address them.
  • Group involvement, motivation, consensus, and ownership of future business plans and marketing strategies.
  • Culture shifts; injection of inspiration, unique ideas, and passion.

By the end of the workshop session we will have formulated ideas for defining the Brand Focus and applied those findings to a marketing plan overview, outlining key issues and strategies.

Following the workshop we’ll summarise those findings in a formal report and add further insights and branding recommendations as relevant. We’ll define a compelling and unique Brand Essence – the short descriptor that will underpin your branding strategies going forward.

Of course, we’re available for further consultation on new projects as a result of the Brand Map recommendations.

And we can be called upon to comment on branding or marketing strategies developed from the Brand Focus re-direction. We also welcome the opportunity to work with your design, advertising or publicity agencies, without compromise.

We're not quite ready yet

The Brand Focus Workbook and supporting Powerpoint Presentation template are currently under reconstruction. If you'd like a reminder email when the package is ready please provide your details below – and apologies for the inconvenience. It will be worth the wait.

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